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Spanish Timetable - Marina Breslin

Tel: 07507 758824

Why not join one of the following courses and learn Spanish in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere? My courses are held in Huddersfield, Polish Community Centre, Fitzwilliam St HD1 5BB

Classes will start on week commencing September 11th, 2017 and roughly follow the school calendar or students’ requests. Each lesson lasts for 2 hours. Prices are £5.00 per hour based on a group of ten students.

Term fees to be paid at enrolment or 1st class (first term 13 weeks)

COURSE TITLE: Spanish Year 4
VENUE: Polish Community Centre, HD1 5BB

For students who have completed 3 years of Spanish. The course is aimed to reinforce and expand knowledge of grammar and tenses and to develop further reading, writing and listening skills, encouraging conversation by means of role plays and games.

We use a text book but the content of the lessons is mainly geared to the students’ needs/ requests

TIME: 7 - 9.00 p.m.

Starts September the 12th- Enrolment at the first class

COURSE TITLE: Spanish year 2
VENUE: Polish Community Centre - HD1 5BB

For those who have completed one year of Spanish or want to refresh their knowledge of the language
We emphasise speaking but we also cover reading, writing and listening skills.

TIME: 7-9.00 p.m.

Starts on September 13th- Enrolment at the first lesson. First term 13 weeks

COURSE TITLE: Spanish Beginners A1
VENUE: Polish Community Centre- HD1 5BB

No previous knowledge of the language is required
The classes are conducted in a friendly/informal manner and will introduce you to the Spanish language and culture by covering a range of topics such as giving personal information, asking for directions, ordering food and drink, buying tickets, booking hotel rooms.

For those who have completed on year of Spanish or want to refresh their knowledge of the language

TIME: 7 - 9.00 p.m.

Enrolment by email or at the first class on September 14th