Polish Timetable - Anita Kleckowska

Email: anita@huddersfieldlanguageschool.com
Tel: 07716 607675

1 to 1 Polish via Skype
Start in September
Please email/call for information
Evening classes Monday – Friday

Course Title: Beginners; Intermediate
Venue: via Skype

14 week course
September – December
Cost: £140 paid at the beginning of the course;
Dzień dobry, jak się nazywasz? Polish for beginners (vocabulary, conversation, basic grammar, Polish sounds and letters). I think verbal communication is a key to learn a language so we will talk and talk, of course in Polish:)
Dobry czy dobra? Intermediate Polish
Do zobaczenia!

Time: please email/call for details, evening classes

September 2019 – December 2020