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Marina Breslin - Spanish - Testimonials

I have enjoyed being a student in the Spanish class of Marina for many years,
and her classes have always been varied and of great interest, also Marina uses
homework to encourage further learning which is good. I am now looking
forward to returning to her classes again for many more years to come.

Marilyn Green

I have been attending Marina’s Spanish classes for a number of years. Marina is an excellent teacher. Her classes are good fun with the emphasis on informality, group participation, sharing information and helping each other.

Using games, role-play, films, music, stories etc we improve our vocabulary, learn more colloquial Spanish and refresh grammar. Plenty of hand-outs, some homework (though no pressure to complete!), no set curriculum to follow, no exams. Just fun! There is opportunity to learn about the Spanish speaking world, e.g. we learnt about regions in Spain Argentina, Chile, Venezuela. I particularly enjoyed Marina’s topics on Argentina and was inspired to go on holiday there, where I felt confident to speak Spanish as a result of attending Marina’s classes.

It is great to spend time with like-minded students and friends, spending a couple of hours each week speaking Spanish!

Jackie Chatten

I have been sudying Spanish with Marina for around 6 years. Along the way I obtained an A in Spanish GCSE with Marina’s help. I enjoy the classes very much – we work hard but Marina varies the activities so that it doesn’t seem hard and the time goes quickly.
Marina has a never ending supply of games which focus on different aspects of grammar or just on making us talk on a topic – in Spanish of course. We also watch films or adverts and answer questions to show that we understand what’s going on.
Marina often tailors the classes to the time of year this year at Easter we looked at religious festivals in Spain’s holy week & we had a discussion about love and romance for Valentine’s day. The classes are very friendly and we have a good laugh.

In general Marina is a very good teacher and I recommend her classes whether you are a beginner (as I was) or continuing to study Spanish.

Janet Potter

I have attended Marina Breslin’s Spanish class for several years (seven, I think?) and have enjoyed each session. Why have I kept on going back to her classes? The short answer is that I’ve found her classes enjoyable, very helpful in developing my skills and confidence in Spanish conversation, hispanic culture and everything Spanish. In more detail :-

a) The classes have been well organised and varied in content. For example, there has been regular coverage of grammar; encouragement for each student to talk about the week’s news – either public or personal; coverage and discussion of current affairs using video clips and printed texts; and the opportunity for students to make an oral presentation if they so wish.

b) The classes have been stimulating and have encouraged me to improve my Spanish grammar and to extend my knowledge and understanding of an increasingly wide range of all things Spanish.

c) Marina has managed the classes so that students with a wide range of previous experience can all learn, contribute and benefit.

d) The resources she has used have been varied. As well as the traditional paperwork, we have had YouTube videos and internet links on news items, short films and longer films which we have watched and discussed over a number of weeks.

e) The homework has been handled flexibly, sometimes being about grammar specifically, other times providing an opportunity for creative self expression. The feedback from homework has always been helpful and I think supportive : students (me!) haven’t been criticised if they have made errors or haven’t been able to complete the work.
On balance I’d say the classes have also been fun and also a source of new friendships.

Kieth Harris