Ros Tyler - Spanish - Testimonials

I have been attending an intermediate Spanish class with Ros for over 2 years. I thoroughly enjoy every class; Ros uses interesting and innovative methods for our group to work with and always holds our interest. She is friendly, professional and very supportive. Her own knowledge of Spain and its culture and people is excellent due to her time spent living there, and this is very useful to us all as she is able to teach us conversational Spanish for everyday use as well as the correct grammar and verb tenses.

Andrea Lavender

I have been learning Spanish for nearly four years with Ros and really love it. I can’t think of a lesson I haven’t enjoyed, even when struggling with the subjunctive tense! There is an interesting mixture of grammar, spoken word and written exercises, inter-mingled with board and card games to practice and emphasise the learning. There is much laughter and everyone is made to feel comfortable in the class.

Margaret Lomax

Having started as a complete beginner, on a whim after a Spanish holiday, I’m almost at the end of my first year . It’s been great fun and I’m surprised at how much and how quickly I’ve learnt.

Karen Ormerod

I have been learning Spanish for almost two years. Having started as a complete beginner I feel I have learnt a great deal in that time. I enjoy Ros’s friendly and encouraging style of teaching.

Liz Froom