Mako Byram - Japanese - Testimonials

I began learning Japanese with Mako after my son took a job in the country, I wanted to understand more about the culture of my son’s new home and gain a basic knowledge of the language. The lessons have been thoroughly enjoyable; a mixture of serious study and fun! All students are given a Japanese name and we quickly learn how to identify this both in hiragana and katakana. Lessons begin with simple concepts, which the beginner can easily grasp, and then move learning on at a good pace. Mako uses a variety of teaching methods including books, film, games and interactive activities. Lessons are always interesting.


The best thing about the class is that it allows me to learn a different language with a native speaking teacher who is from the Japanese culture.


Lots of practice of speaking in class which is helpful for remembering. Fixed textbook and the steps of teaching is very clear for me. I also enjoyed dressing up in Japanese costume!


Mako is an exceptional teacher and has been teaching me all aspects of Japanese including speaking, listening, reading and writing. I look forward to every lesson as each one is different and Mako goes to a lot of effort to use a variety of teaching methods keeping the lessons interesting and fun. She takes time not only to explain the language, but also the fascinating cultural and social differences between the two countries.

My lessons began out of an interest in Japan and its culture, wanting to understand Japanese movies\music and speak more Japanese when I go on holiday. However I feel that with Mako’s help I have gained enough confidence in my abilities to enable me to work in Japan next year, volunteering for 6 months with the Japanese Red Cross.