Gillian Hall Woollard - French German - Testimonials

An excellent course, enjoyable and fun, but we are certainly learning a lot. Gillian is a brilliant tutor and I would definitely recommend this French course. Even though I’m not a fan of Zoom I have been surprised how good the experience has been and have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons.

Ann Rushworth - Online

You have made learning German interesting and fun. I would like more please. See you in the autumn!
I am still loving the lessons on Zoom. Gillian is a good teacher and very supportive teacher.

Janet Ward - Beginners course 2019 and online 2020/21!

We have covered the German political system due to the elections in Sept 2017, environmental issues, health and well-being and sport.
Students returning from a trip away, were encouraged to talk in German about their experiences, with fellow students asking questions. Also, we had team discussions, for and against the use of drugs, alcohol and exercise- PL .Topical current events were discussed such as Brexit and the German reaction to it, the USA election and aftermath and the terror attacks and other world events. We also covered the passive tense. I would thoroughly recommend it. I look forward to continuing in September for my fifth! year. – MM

Peter Leonard & Mike Mitchell - Intermediate students (for the last 5! years)

German language beginners course.

I can highly recommend this 30 week class to anyone that wants to learn and have a better understanding of the German language. The course is in a great location in Huddersfield town centre. It takes place at the Polish community centre, HD1 5BB. I was very unsure what to expect when I was looking in to the course last year as I wasn’t very confident with what I could speak. I soon found out that I needn’t have worried the class was very friendly and most enjoyable. Everyone on the course wanted to achieve the same goal as me in speaking and understanding the language. This was fantastic, to be able to interact with people with the same ambition of really wanting to learn German. Gillian has been a brilliant teacher, she has been very friendly and open to all questions. She was very patient allowing time for me to get my head around the bits I didn’t fully understand. Thanks for all the help, Gillian.


Christopher Woolfitt, Student courses 2013 - 2015

French one-to-one business class

I find Leah Language Services to be very professional and very friendly. I knew very little French when I first met Gillian. My knowledge was very basic and very limited. Over the past 12 months, I feel I have made excellent progress. It has been informative, educational, extremely beneficial and not to mention enjoyable and fun. Initially, I felt very self conscious about trying to speak French in class and was worried I would be embarrassed and get it wrong. Gillian is the kind of person who puts you at ease. She is very patient and an excellent teacher so my initial worry was short lived. Gillian is reliable, flexible and I feel we formed a good relationship. I would recommend Leah Language Services to anyone wanting to develop their language skills in business. Gillian is extremely passionate about languages which I feel makes her a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher.

Leanne Craven, Sales Co-ordinator Flexitallic Ltd - Europe

Gillian has taught French/German across Key Stage 2 in our school and given our children an excellent introduction to modern foreign languages. To teachers, pupils and parents it is clear that the children in the school really enjoy her lessons, and this was confirmed during a recent OFSTED inspection. Her lessons are a pleasant melange of teaching styles with the kinaesthetic, the auditory and the visual learner all well catered for.”

“The language skills she teaches children tend to be delivered through the prism of the French/German culture. Gillian’s passion for her subject is evident and can now be seen within the school, through displays and key words, which allow children to practice their French/German outside the parameters of the lesson.

Ms Caroline Wood, Head, St Patrick's R.C. Primary School, Elland

One-to-one bespoke business course

I can highly recommend Gillian for business language tuition. Since 2013, I needed private one to one German lessons, at my office in Huddersfield, to help me with my numerous business trips to Munich. I was concerned how the lessons would fit around my busy work/travel schedule but Gillian has been very flexible and arranged times outside her normal working hours, to suit my diary, whenever needed.
I am learning about German business etiquette and the type of German that is particularly pertinent to me as a businessman as well as the usual topics for a beginner, such as greetings, food and drink and accommodation.

At the beginning I was nervous about what to expect but Gillian has made me feel very comfortable and the lessons have always been fun. I feel I have made good progress very quickly and I look forward to continuing them on an ongoing basis.

Vielen Dank, Gillian

Paul Shilling, Global Board Director, Principle Huddersfield

One-to-one bespoke high level German lesson

“I have been receiving German language tuition from Gillian Leah over the past 18 months and it has been varied, interesting, challenging and fun. Having previously lived and worked in Germany a number of years ago, I was keen to refresh and improve my German and Gillian has tailored the tuition to suit my requirements, using a range of teaching methods, including conversation, listening and reading and translation. My learning has been framed around a varied range of topics, from history to tourism and from sport to well-being to music and modern communications. One session even involved trying German chocolates….. although I didn’t quite catch everything and think a repeat of that particular lesson is required!

I can highly recommend Gillian of Leah Language Services.

Stuart Shore, Elland

“Not only a valued learning experience but a pleasant journey with a group of great folks !” The above sentence pretty much sums up my learning experience with Gillian on the basic and intermediate German course I have carried out over the last 2 years. I wanted to learn German so I could make (some) conversations with the German exchange group I became part of in 2012. I had studied it previously and remembered bits. Gillian’s classes have supported me to get back up to scratch with my German in an informal but productive way, at my own pace and pleasure. What added to the experience was the group of students who came on the same journey with me. We all came from different levels and backgrounds, and some of us had been to Germany. This added to the experience as we all learned off each other, not only the language but also about the culture and traditions of the country. Thoroughly enjoyable and it has encouraged me to do more of my own learning. Thank you Gillian for all your support and making this a truly pleasant learning experience.

Sally Teasdale – Student from Sept 2012 - 2015

Also from the same class is Martin Drury and here is a summary – Gillian’s passion for teaching languages is certainly evident in her approach….there is the opportunity to learn new vocabulary and be able to talk German! I tried learning by myself but found I needed to converse regularly ….. and you feel comfortable trying to speak German because of the relaxed atmosphere. Her energy and enthusiasm will defintely help you improve.

I joined Gillian’s popular Intermediate class, having struggled to find a suitable class in a wide area in Yorkshire but am so glad that I found Gillian’s class, as I feel that I have benefitted greatly from it. There is, for me, just the right amount of challenge to make me work hard, but not too much to put me off! We studied a variety of topics, such as communications i.e. the role of the internet and the use of mobile phones, weather and holidays, illnesses as well as grammar points, like subordinating conjunctions, the future tense and modal verbs, to name but a few. Gillian is able to meet the needs of students with a range of attainments in one group. She presents a good balance of listening, speaking, reading and writing activities, and the classes are always enjoyable, friendly and fun! I can’t wait to carry on, AGAIN in September.

Jane Carlin, Intermediate student