Chris Sun - Chinese - Testimonials

I attend group classes every Tuesday evening. Chris is a great teacher: enthusiastic, friendly and, most importantly, very patient! During our classes we expand our vocabulary and grammar focusing on writing but also our Chinese speaking (teaching us common phrases, slang words and alternatives) to help us develop our conversational skills. We also have the opportunity to learn a lot about the culture and some history of the country linking it to the set of vocabulary we have recently been introduced to. Since my first lesson, I felt I have developed a good friendship with the other students and Chris with a number of social events occurring outside of our lesson time also. I have seen a lot of progress in my Chinese and I hope to continue to learn a lot more from Chris!

Melissa—Tuesday Class

Chris is an excellent teacher of Chinese and his enthusiasm is contagious. I am currently 8 months into the beginner’s Chinese course and have gone from not knowing anything to being able to read, write and speak an impressive amount.

Chinese is difficult as there isn’t an alphabet as such, the way the ‘building blocks’ are put together don’t necessarily give you a clue as to what the word says so there is a lot of learning involved. This made starting to learn the language quite daunting but after just a few weeks, Chris made sense of the way words are constructed and the language put together and suddenly it wasn’t so scary.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the course which consists of 2 hours a week on a Tuesday night. There has been a strong emphasis on learning how to read, write and pronounce new vocabulary with bits of conversation interspersed. As our vocabulary has improved, the amount of conversational work we have done has increased. I like the balance that Chris strikes with every lesson.

Tim—Tuesday Class