Anita Kleckowska - Polish - Testimonials

I would highly recommend this Language School.
Anita and the team are great to deal with and have helped me learn Polish over the years, Dziekuje Bardzo! 😊
5 Stars!


Anita makes learning Polish easier than trying to do it on your own. Her lessons are structured so that you learn pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar without it being too formal. Hand-outs are given in each lesson with places to write words or phrases which Anita initially writes on a white-board so you learn the correct spelling etc. There is some repetition between lessons so you don’t have to worry about forgetting things you did in a previous lesson. Some homework is set but it isn’t too difficult usually.

The classes are friendly and there are often conversations in English as well as Polish about current affairs, history, customs etc.. If you want to learn Polish I would recommend a class run by Anita Kleckowska.


“Anita is a very good teacher, she has a great knowledge of the language and provides excellent hand outs and exercises. Lessons are very friendly and students of all abilities can work together. I always look forward to my lessons and I am becoming half decent at understanding and speaking simple Polish. I heartily recommend Anita’s lessons to anyone with a wish to learn Polish”